Script writing for animated short

Below is the script I wrote for this short animated presentation on MaRINET, an EC FP7 offshore renewable energy project. I also conceptualised the visual narrative before the design team storyboarded and animated:

“Secure energy is an essential building block for social development. But sustainable development needs sustainable energy sources. Developing exciting renewable energy technologies is therefore a key part of Europe’s plan to build a healthy future.

These renewable technologies are contributing to Europe’s industrial innovation as well as lowering emissions, improving security and reducing import dependence, but many of the most exciting advances will be deployed far from view.

The offshore renewable energy sector – including wave, tidal and offshore-wind – will play a vital role in meeting Europe’s energy demand, but is still developing.

That’s where MaRINET comes in.

MaRINET is a four year, €11 million Seventh Framework Programme initiative. It coordinates a network of research centres and organisations that are working together to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy technologies.

Over the past three years, MaRINET has successfully forged a pan-European network that allows researchers and industry free access to 45 state-of-the-art facilities.

These laboratories and test centres allow researchers and developers to assess new technologies – such as wave and wind turbines, and tidal devices at a variety of scales. Expert support is also on hand at these facilities to offer further guidance.
In addition, MaRINET is helping to reduce replication and assist companies to develop products efficiently.

MaRINET’s work is making important headway in helping renewable technology to market but increased public investment is vital. No one infrastructure can provide the testing facilities the sector requires, so creation of this network has enabled significant advances in the sector.

MaRINET represents a ‘shop window’ for European marine renewables infrastructure. By raising awareness of the need for further funding, the team hopes they can set Europe on the road to world-class off-shore technology for a greener world.”

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