Machine learning could make financial systems friendlier

Machine learning makes finance friendlier

With robo-advisors and improved regulation, machine learning could make financial systems friendlier and more rewarding. THE TAKE-AWAY Machine learning improves personal-finance services. In some cases, robo-advisors already perform better than their human counterparts. With all European banks forced to open their data gateways to external service providers by 2019, many new financial services based on[…]

converting electronic data into light on silicon chips Photonics Brain on a Silicon Chip illustration

Converting electronic data into light

Photonics may hold the answer to coping with huge volume. But a big challenge remains: converting electronic data into light on silicon chips. THE TAKE-AWAY Converting electronic data into light on silicon chips is complicated, as silicon doesn’t emit light. Scientists from Germany have developed tiny nanowire lasers that can generate and route light on[…]


Staying secure with connected cars

From entertainment systems to tyre sensors, modern cars contain a multitude of potential security vulnerabilities. Ben McCluskey looks at how Tesla’s aggressive approach could point the way for other car manufacturers.  As a tech-first company from Silicon Valley, the concept of ‘Agile’ software development is baked into Tesla’s DNA. Optimising security is part and parcel[…]

Wearable technology and the IoMT

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is flourishing, but will it help or hinder health professionals in keeping us fit and well? The jogger who ran past you this morning was more than likely being followed. Not by some nefarious menace, but rather a digital device, which might just be motivating the wearer to beat[…]

Irish innovation silicon docks dublin

All eyes on Irish innovation

Dublin’s “Silicon Docks” may be known as a welcome destination for U.S. tech giants, but the Emerald Isle has plenty of native innovation to shout about. From James Joyce’s depictions of Dublin life to the archetypal “old boy” telling anecdotes over a pint of stout, storytelling is embedded in Irish culture. In fact, the country’s[…]

Urban mobility_clearing congestion

Clearing Congestion

It can be difficult to effect behavioural change in large cities, but Stockholm and London have shown that a well-conceived nudge will deliver results. Stockholm’s congestion charge was first trialled on 3 January 2006, but with hindsight Halloween would have been more apt. As in an act of sorcery, the queues of motorists typically found[…]

Crowd sourcing deep space communication

Deep space communication poses a range of significant challenges. To overcome them, NASA is taking more flexible approaches to problem solving than ever before. We look at how their collaboration with TopCoder is evolving the uses of crowd-sourced code, and consider what lies ahead. Email is so ubiquitous and fast that we may be inclined[…]